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🔶🔸 METAMORPHOSIS (#1 Daily Devotional Tract by Dr Isaiah and Lianna Wealth)

🗓 Thursday, 14th September 2017

📜 (1 Corinthians 2:9)
“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

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Many believe that life is a mystery and full of ups and downs. However, the believer does not have to live in the fear of the future like the people of the world. The Bible says that God has planned for us to know the ‘deep things’ that only He knows through His Spirit. (1Cor. 2:10)

The wisdom of God is ‘coded’ and only accessible to the Spirit of God. That is why partnership with the Holy Spirit is something a believer would never be able to do without. It is the Spirit of God that grants us access into the wisdom of God, and one of the ways He does it is through speaking in tongues.

When you speak in tongues, you receive God’s wisdom. Every time you pray in tongues, God’s Spirit will break the barrier to your understanding and reveal to you things about yourself, other people, institutions and the nations of the earth that are hitherto unknown to you, thus giving you the privilege of partnering with God to bring them to pass. Pray in the Holy Ghost right now, will you?
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(Say Amen to these):
🔸May your eyes be opened to see the deep things God has provided for you in Jesus name.
🔸As you step out today, may your path be filled with all precious things in Jesus name.

🔸Set your heart to speak in tongues a lot today and listen to the Holyghost within you.
🔸I decree and I declare that the devices of the wicked against me fails.

JOB 20&21, LUKE 10, PSALMS 87

Let’s pray for Poland 🇵🇱…

There is a multiplication of foreign sects and religions brings confusion in the nation. Jehovah’s Witnesses outnumber evangelicals two to one. Pagan, Wicca and especially New Age groups steadily gain followers, with many practitioners comfortably combining these with Catholicism.

🙏🏼We are praying for the Christians in the nation to be strengthened in their inner to stand for the truth and not compromise their faith.

Dear Father, reveal to me all you have planned for me in Jesus name.

Dear father, I thank you for your great love towards me, and the privilege to be called your son. I declare my love for you today and surrender to your will. Bring me into the fullness of your grace this day even as I fellowship with your Son through the word and your holy spirit. I consecrate my whole body, soul and spirit to you right now. Let your will be done in my life today in Jesus name. Amen
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