What Do You Still Want From Me?

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What do you still want from Me that has not been given?

*I abandoned my throne in heaven for 33 and half years for your redemption,

* I was held for 9 months in the womb of a woman, my creature for your sake.

* I was born in the shelter of animals for your well being.

* I was chased around to be killed by my creature because of you just as my Father appointed.

*I suffered hunger, thirst, fasted, tempted that you will be exalted.

*I was betrayed and sold for 30 pieces of silver that you will be bought

*A condemned criminal Barrabas was preferred by your fellows to me.

*I was handed over to be judged, I was tortured, spat on, slapped, flogged to mention a few all for your liberty.

* I was called names which I bear not and was crowned with thorns only for your sake.

* I was compelled to carry a cross with bruised and peeled body in pains and blood all over me and was nailed to the cross, a spear was pierced through my rib cage to ascertain my death that you may live!.

* I cried in pains, neither you nor my Father came to my aid that it shall be well with you.

* I went to the land of the dead and stayed for three nights that the power of eternal death shall be broken in your life.

*I resurrected for your justification.

My dear ones, if you suffer alone and this life and go to hell, you made the choice.

* I requested nothing in return because you are too broke to pay for your sins.

* I AM The Way, The Truth and Life, no man goes to the Father except through Me.

* I AM your burden bearer

— your healer,

–your redeemer,

–your Lord and personal Savior

–and the soon coming King.

## Except a man be born again, he shall not see the kingdom of God! bless you as you preach the gospel.

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